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All the diversity of advertising texts can be divided into four main groups: informational, reminding, urging and persuading. Informational texts should be simple and brief. Reminding texts are succinct. Urging texts should repeat the name of the product many times. Persuading texts emotionally concentrate the reader's attention on the advantages of the product. The key elements of all the advertisements are text and pictures. With their help the advert conveys particular idea and information to the reader. The text reveals the essence of the offer and the pictures add up to it with visual image, but in no way repeating its contents. Advertising text comprises five major elements: title, subtitle, the main text, caption and comments and slogan.

Title draws the reader's attention to the text, gets him interested. "Art Essays That Stand Out", will be the great example. This title appeals to art essays writing that includes different kinds of arts that may be interesting for the readers. These may include essays of famous authors that shock readers with their art essays history. These also may be art essays pop representatives that show fresh approach to current problems of the world. These may be classics represented by art essay Greek samples. As you can see quite a large amount of information can be united under a good title. The title is the pivot of advertising and the most powerful appeal to the potential buyer. You should strive to make it strong and at the same time lucid.

Subtitle is a bridge between the headline and the main text. If the client is interested with the title, then subtitle serves as another chance to make him buy. The main text fulfils the promises of the headline. It is the most important part of any advertising. It discloses the essence of the advertising message. Composition of advertising materials follows particular rules. The advertisement should look impressive and its headline is to be grabbing. The text aims at winning the client over and with the conclusion you make the last attempt to persuade the client buy your product. You should emphasize emotional words and phrases of high advertising value creating the image of the product. In explaining use simple words and short sentences, clear to everyone. You should avoid telling about your product in high - flown language with overuse of technical and other special terms. The text should be exciting and provoke curiosity. Long boring enumerations will scare the reader away. Mind, that the reader is not interested in the product itself but in its benefits. So, when promoting writing superb reflective essays, do not dwell on their first rate quality and high professionalism of the writers. Show the user what he/she gains, ordering such an essay from your company. You can enumerate the list of propositions, should it be self reflective essays or reflective teacher essays, but the real gain of the client will still be hidden. The main aim is to show what positive features a client is going to get along with excellent reflective essay writing sample. You should consider the needs of society and think globally underlining on top-notch reflective essays in English for students from foreign countries. The main requirement to the text is maximum information with minimum of words.

Original address is sure to catch the buyers' attention. You can make an unusual headline, picture, text, and ad's configuration. However be aware of the distinction between original and absurd.

The text should give the reader definite positive instructions applying certain phrases. Photos, illustrations, caption and comments may turn into the most efficient sale tool. They rivet people's eyes, giving a perfect opportunity to place a piece of vivid short text nearby. Caption contains additional information connected with sales. Comments are like notices of the text's fragment. As a rule they describe a specific part of the object or picture. Caption and comments give the client impression that he can view them without being affected by advertising. That is supreme art of a good advertising.

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