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Maná is one of the most visible pop/rock bands on the scene today. Although they fall much closer to the pop end of the pop/rock spectrum, they are considered to have opened the doors for the Rock en Español movement worldwide.

The band's history goes back to the mid-1970s when lead singer Fernando Olvera (Fher), Gustavo Orozco and bass player Juan Calleros along with his brothers Ulises and Abraham formed a garage band called "Green Hat Spies". The band started out singing in English, playing covers of hits by artist like Peter Frampton, Led Zeppelin and The Beatles.

They changed the band's name to "Sombrero Verde" and in 1981 released a self-titled album and "A Ritmo de Rock" in 1983. Abraham and Gustavo, not seeing a future for the band, left in 1985. Word of advice: never ask these two for stock tips.

Things began to change when dynamic drummer Alex Gonzalez was added in 1986. The band changed their name to Maná and released the once again self-titled "Mana" in 1988, which went gold. Their follow-up CD, "Falta Amor" didn't really take off until "Rayando El Sol" was released as a single two years after the album's release. The radio-friendly song became a big hit and the album went on to sell 750,000 copies.

The band continued to rule the charts and airwaves throught the 90s with "Donde Jugaran Los Ni nos?", "Cuando Los Angeles Lloran", "Sueños Liquidos" and their highly successful 1999 MTV Unplugged album. In 1994, the band added Sergio Vallin on guitar after two interim members left and the lineup remains the same to this day. They gained further international attention in 1999 with their collaboration with rock legend Carlos Santana on the song "Corazon Espinado" from Santana's CD "Supernatural". Their followup CD in 2002 "Revolución de Amor" also included collaborations with Santana as well as Ruben Blades and

The members of the band often speak out about such issues as environmental protection and Chiapas. In 1995, the band started the non-profit foundation Selva Negra to fund several projects including protecting the Pacific Coastline, saving turtles threatened with extinction and providing food to needy communities.

Mana is:

Fher (Lead Vocalist)
Real Name: José Fernando Emilio Olvera Sierra
Birthplace: Puebla, Puebla (Mexico)
Birthday: December 8, 1959

Alex Gonzalez (Drums)
Real Name: Alejandro González Trujillo
Birthplace: Miami, Florida (his parents are Cuban)
Birthday: February 24, 1969

Sergio Vallin (Guitar)
Birthplace: Aguascalientes, Mexico
Birthday: May 26, 1972

Juan Diego Calleros Ramos (Bass)
Birthplace: Guadalajara, Mexico
Birthdate: April 19, 1962
Sign: Aries


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