Cultural Awareness
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Cultural Awareness

So much of our life is a result of acculturation and the pressures of societal mores. Everyone of us is a product of his or her environment to some degree. The problem is, we seldom know to what extent our decisions are not ours but theirs (culture).

We are no longer in touch with nature nor attuned to the more subtle levels of reality.

Mayan and other ancient cultures didn't have to worry about the clutter of noise and other distractions that so invade out lives these days. It's near impossible to attain, let alone understand, Psalms 46:10 (Be STILL and know that I AM God). As society has invaded the "down-under", the life of the aborigines has been altered.

There's a quantum cosmology awaiting our re-discovery.

The traditions and lore of Australia's indigenous peoples belongs to what may be the oldest continuous culture on Earth (50,000 years). Indigenous Australian peoples conceive of all things beginning with Dreamtime. The expression Dreamtime was coined in 1899 by Spencer and Gillen (who conducted formative anthropological work on Australian prehistory). "Dreamtime" is often used as a collective term for all the Dreamings of the indigenous peoples in general.

The West particularly has forfeited awarness of our surroundings and who we are for more intellectual, empirical, and rationalitic thought processes. And we're more impoverished as a result. There's a spiritual intelligence that we greatly need to embrace today.

The Mayan and Toltec civilizations were more ONE with the universe and it provided them with details about the universe that our modern-day scientists are only recently discovering, which makes me wonder what they also knew that we're not yet smart enough to know. Maybe we are now headed back to such a state of consciousness. Our very lives are dependent upon it.

Maybe we'll then discover who we are when we remember who we've been!

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