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Free and Easy Basic French

I have put together a collection of words and phrases that will help you learn basic French words. Once you have committed these simple phrases to memory you'll be able to have you very first French conversation! Part 1 - These are the first French words you will need to learn. They are very basic and easy to remember. Once you have mastered these then you can move onto section 2. Yes = Oui No = Non Please = S'il vous plaît Thank you = Merci You're welcome = De rien Part 2 - Start with part 1 ? if you can't understand what someone is saying, simply use these phrases to help get you out of this sticky situation. Part 1 - Excuse Me = Excusez-moi Sorry = Desolé/Pardon I don't understand = Je ne comprends pas Here are some basic questions that will help you whilst you are out and about vacationing in France.

Once you have committed these phrases to memory move onto section 3. Part 2 - Do you speak English? = Parlez-vous anglais? Aidez moi, s'il vous plaît = Can you help me please? Combien ca coûte? = How much is it? Part 3 - Here are the some essential words that will help you meet and great new people in French. Hello = Salut Glad To Meet You = Enchanté Good Morning/Good day = Bon jour Good Evening = Bon soir Goodbye = Au revoir My name is = Je m'appelle Here are two great tips to help you learn basic French words and improve your vocabulary.

1 ? Make your very own vocabulary book. Every time you learn new word, simply add it to your book. Be sure to keep it with, and you will have your very own tailor made phrase book. 2 ? Make some flash cards. Write the French word of phrase on one side of the card and the English translation on the other. Flip the cards and test your French knowledge.

You see, its easy to learn basic French words when you know how. I hope my handy words and phrases and top tips have helped to get you on the right track.

Learn Basic French
Fast and Free French

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Free and Easy Basic French - I have put together a collection of words and phrases that will help you learn basic French words.

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