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Computers vs Books in Home Schooling

Learning is a continuous process. New additions to learning techniques can make it more interesting or, conversely, make it more challenging. Hence, parents and tutors should take into consideration the interests and abilities of the student before utilizing any technique or methodology. Use of Books in Home schooling Books are personal.

You can read them whenever you want. You can improve a childs diction by asking them to read aloud. Reading not only improves pronunciation but also makes it easier to understand the grammatical construction of sentences. Parents can conduct reading sessions during which they can discuss the given subject or topic after every reading. This kind of interaction is important, because a child learns best by discussion, wherein all doubts and questions can be answered.

Although books may not be interactive by themselves, they can be discussed during lesson sessions. Depending on the matter in the book, the topic can be examined and analyzed. Thus increasing the insight of the child on various subjects and topics in an interesting manner. Reading can also be done in a casual manner.

Some subjects like English drama and literature have plays, which can be enacted. This makes learning more fun, eliminating much of the stress. In case of factual information, books can help improve the childs knowledge in various subjects. Use of Computers in Home schooling In the information age computers have become the next best thing for education.

Computer based home schooling is a modern method of teaching. The only drawback to online or computer based home schooling would be the personal attention. Students sometimes perform well when they are under the supervision of a tutor or parent. This brings a sense of responsibility towards studies. The Internet is a common resource for all the latest information on all sorts of subjects, whether sports, science, technology or fine arts. Plus, all the data is updated on a regular basis.

Being an effective tool for homeschooling, the students can choose from a wide range of learning resources according to their requirements. For example, in network learning, text based documents and reports, plus speech and audio-material, and video clips can be viewed on the computer. The computer is a tool, not a toy. Although games are an important aspect of childhood, parents must make sure that the computer is also utilized for learning. However, computer games that are knowledge oriented can be incorporated, making learning fun and interactive.

Audio video aids are freely available on the net. Ever since the advent of computers and the Internet, education has witnessed a profound transformation. While the information in books remains static for a longer time, the information available on the Internet is constantly updated.

Besides, it has been observed that children are naturally drawn to electronic gadgets, and they master the medium very fast. Thus, adding computers as a learning aid along with books enhances grasping and learning any subject. Whether books or the computer, or a combination of the two, homeschooling should be organized and pre-planned.

Books and computer-based learning are only a means to education. If they are effectively used, it will complement the childs education in the long run.

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